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we have stopped for a moment red

This year Alchemie is about the heart

The heart-opening, time and mind stopping state that tango makes inside us.
It is about this act of connecting and embracing…how this tango becomes the space without name,
the point in the middle of eternity.

This Alchemie Autumn is about having a great time with simply great dance

— in all the ways we love:
Marathon days, Milonga nights, Close-embrace afterparties

For Alchemie, this year is the 8 ~

The 8 is not on the straight line of the solstice,
rather–the 8 is Round.
It is one that becomes two.
It is it’s own opposite, and its own unity.
It is a curving of the line,
and the deepest possible embrace
at the place it intertwines.

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