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Tango festivals, milongas & classes in Prague


For those arriving on Wednesday, join us at Prague’s iconic local open-air milonga at the vineyards at Grobovka.
Viniční altán, Havlíčkovy sady 1369, 120 00 Praha 2, from from 7:30 to 10:45 p.mGrobovka. More from the organizers here














This year we will meet in October so we can share sweet Prague Autumn with you-
a total tango encounter,- in all the ways we love to dance
Marathon-style days, Milonga nights, Close-embrace afterparties…fabulous troja by Ishka copy
Corina Mai embrace red by Kinga Lakner copyDancing breakfasts 11:00 — 14:00
Marathon-style salons 15:00 — 19:00
Milonga nights 22:00 — 3:00
Close-embrace afterparties 3:00 — 6:00+
(After parties are close embrace, encuentro-inspired yet non-restrictive late-night salons in the cozy club inside the hotel.)
Anja voleo by Kinga Lakner copy* Dancing breakfasts & Afterparties — in the club of Mosaic House, our central hotel.

* Accommodation — from 15 euro/person/night

* Marathon days — at the new town hall, just one block away from the hotel.

* Milongas — in gala venues such as Lucerna velky sal, all walking distance from the hotel

* Group practicas — you are invited to come, dance, and ask questions to any of the 3 couples that will be present at each to guide you will take place in La Loca club at the hotel from 14:00- 15:30 Fri, Sat, & Sun.
Entrance to the practica is 8 EUR on site, and is not included in the festival passes

Program Summary

Thursday 2.10. Friday 3.10. Saturday 4.10. Sunday 5.10.
11:00–14:00 Dancing Breakfast Dancing Breakfast Dancing Breakfast
12:00–13:30 Open Classes Open Classes Open Classes
14:00-15:30 Practica La Loca Practica La Loca Practica La Loca
15:00-19:00 Day salon/ cafe Day salon/ cafe Day salon/ café ** til 21:00
Spring fling
~Colors 🙂
22:00-3:00 Winter
gala milonga
the Red-hot
gala milonga
The Afterparty @
La Loca-
3:00-6:00+  Afterparty Afterparty Afterparty The afterparty continues…. ☺

Download full program and map

Full Program

Thursday 2.10. Friday 3.10. Saturday 4.10. Sunday 5.10.
DJ- Aljoscha DJ- Gaia DJ- Aljoscha
Walk-in classes
Goethe Institute
Rita & Vasco
Keep it simple, keep it beautiful (sacadas)
Matias & Claudia
Improvisation- 3 keys to improvising with ease
Matias & Claudia
Rita & Vasco, Oz & Sonja
Welcome to the world of Tango
Oz & Sonja
Dynamic dancing in close embrace
Maria & Gaia
Tanguera technique

La Loca@ Mosaic House
Maria, Gaia, Leandro
Ozgur & Sonja
Rita & Vasco
Matias & Claudia
Sven & Guggi
Day salon

Novomestka Radnice
 21:00 Pre-
kick off
gathering at
Cafe Neustadt
DJ-Stefan DJ-Jens-Ingo DJ-Stefan/Ozgur
15:00- 19:00 Stefan
19:00- 21:00 Ozgur

*Various, according
to the program
DJ-Jens-IngoPerformance ~~
“The seasons of being”
Duo Diamante
DJ-FrancescoPerformance ~~
“The infinite tango”Rita, Vasco, Sonja, Ozgur, Sven,
Guggi, Matias, ClaudiaLive Music: Cuarteto Caché Milonguero
DJ-Analia La RubiaPerformance ~~
“A parenthesis in eternity”Rita, Vasco, Sonja, Ozgur,Sven,
Guggi, Matias, Claudia

La Loca@ Mosaic House
 DJ-Francesco DJ- Maria DJ- Gaia DJ- Analia
from 22:00- 3:00

Download full program and map

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