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Tango festivals, milongas & classes in Prague


Matias Facio, Claudia Rogowski, Sven Elze, Guggi Zuzakova,
Rita Caldas, Vasco Martins, Ozgur Arin, Sonja Schussler,
Gaia Pisauro, Maria Mondino & Leandro Furlan…

OPEN PRACTICAS each day at La Loca from 14:00- 15:30.
8 euro/person

Dance your dance and ask questions of any host teacher in the room.
Host teachers may offer a suggestion or point of exploration for the practica,
but you are free to practice whatever elements are most important for you
and get feedback from any teacher there to assist you.

Friday     14:00-15:30 Maria Mondino, Gaia Pisauro, Leandro Furlan
Saturday 14:00-15:00 Ozgur Arin, Sonja Schussler, Rita Caldas, Vasco Martins
Sunday    14:00-15:30 Matias Facio, Claudia Rogowski, Sven Elze, Guggi Zuzakova

OPEN CLASSES on special topics from 12:00- 13:30 at the stunning Goethe institute. 15 euro/person

Rita Caldas & Vasco Martins-  Keep it simple, keep it beautiful (sacadas) (int & adv)
Matias Facio & Claudia Rogowski-  Improvisation- 3 keys to improvise with ease (int)

Matias Facio & Claudia Rogowski-  Milonga!!! (int & adv)
Rita & Vasco, Ozgur & Sonja- Welcome to the world of Tango (new dancers)

Ozgur Arin & Sonja Schussler-  Dynamic dancing in close embrace (int & adv)
Maria Mondino & Gaia Pisauro- Women’s Technique (all levels)

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