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2-5 Oct 2014, ???


Each morning there will be a 90 minute yoga session (from 9.00 – 10.30) designed to awaken our sensitivity and the ability to listen to our body based on the dynamic yoga method created by Godfri Devereux. The practice will be gentle and restorative, suitable for beginners as well as for experienced practicioners, and preparing the body and mind so that it can more fully enjoy for the tango experience in the afternoons and evenings.

We will be exploring yoga posture practice and a few simple breathing techniques as a way to becoming intimate with our body, accessing its inner integrity, relaxing and letting go of tension and habit.



Zuzana has been practising yoga for about 10 years and keeps exploring its various forms, in the last years mainly on the basis of the ashtanga vinyasa yoga approach combined with the more gentle and meditation based approach of the dynamic yoga method. Her classes are based on her own experience on the yoga mat, coming from an ongoing study inspired by teachers Godfri Devereux in France, Dalibor Stedronsky in the CR, Nancy Gilgoff and Andrew Eppler in the US and Vinay and Vijay Kumar in India. Zuzana considers yoga to be essentially an enquiry into the nature of our exprience as human beings, based on sensitivity to the intelligence of our body.

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