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16-18 May 2014, Chemnitz

Tango Industrial Chemnitz

the first Collectivo Encuentro…


– Milonga 21:00- open end


-Late breakfast and dancing at hostel 10:00- 14:00

-14:00-17:00 Hit & Run through major sites of Chemnitz. We will have a mobile sound system and a lot of heart, so get ready to move and inspire the people of this lovely place!

-20:00 The Gala night begins with a Strings performance from 20:00, you are most welcome, the opening concert is included in your ticket!

-21:00- 2:00 Gala Milonga with Solo Tango, one concert set and one
set especially for dancers, with fabulous DJs in between.

-2:00 Afterparty at the hostel


-Late breakfast and dancing at hostel 10:00- 14 :00

-14:00 Travel to Carlsfeld
Visit the original E L Arnold bandoneon manufacture, meet the young man who is once again hand making bandoneons in that original place, and an 82 year old elder master who worked in the AA factory and will tell us stories and accompany the monument and grave of Alfred Arnold.

Note: Transportation is not included. Please arrange for transport by car or search for a tanguero-rideshare here.

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