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16-18 May 2014, Chemnitz

Solo Tango

Solo Tango no instrumentsMost beloved of European tango orchestras, Solo Tango is comprised of Russian musicians who are top in the genre. They have played major festivals around the world, won multiple awards, and performed with tango’s top starperformers. Their music moves music afficionados and tangueros alike, due to its exceptional sense of style, high energy, and unquestioned mastery.

Rita & Vasco

ritavascoWe share the same feelings about tango and have a common understanding for how to feel and dance it, always searching for an individual style.

Fluidity in movement allows greater freedom and diversity of movements to interpret the tango in a fluid, musical and always improvised way.”

Özgür & Sonja

ozgursonja We enjoy the elegance and intimacy of traditional tango,  the freedom to create the ultimate fusion,  and in creating the unity to catch the real joy in Tango. We dance, enjoy and share our love. We feel Tango is about growing from day to day by sharing it with others.

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